Motorcycle ride

This post takes place a couple of days after Kyle's call to Sonja at the hospital

Kyle roars across the long bridge that links Kyle roars across the JCU bridge toward the mainland on his Harley road bike to the mainland. Behind Kyle sits a smaller passenger - the previously injured trick-or-treater. And the boy's treat is now the ride on Kyle's big Harley Road bike....

At the hospital

This post takes place immediately after the events of the Halloween party in Session Twenty-nine

Kyle, wearing a JCU sweatshirt pulled over his barbarian costume, makes his way outside the hospital. Once outside he pulls out a cellphone and punches in the phone number to the League's house.

When someone answers, he says, "Hi, it's Kyle. Is Sonja available? I need to ask her a favor."

Kyle's view on the 10/1/2010 session - Part 2

Like I said before I had to leave off writing, by the time Mindy and I got downstairs again, my gang had left. I hadn't expected that, but can't say I was shocked. Or heartbroken. I've had my share of adventures, and tooling around with a half-dozen or so godlings is simply an invitation for something to happen. I figured there were enough people that I could get a ride from somebody later, when things broke up, and hey, I've never seen people make a movie before.

There were noises about ordering pizza for lunch, so I went to find the one-armed boss lady - Shannon - to throw some money in, seeing as I can pretty much eat a sheet pizza by myself.

Turns out she was dealing, well, trying to deal, about a half dozen high school aged toughs who were making threatening noises and demanding to see the fellow that Ghoul was looking for. They - or rather their leader - wasn't buying that Jes - the fellow we'd been looking for - wasn't there.

The fellow wasn't a total ass, but it was getting to the point that violence was going to have to happen simply for him to not look bad in front of his little gang.

Shannon was happy to let me step in and try and talk some sense into the fellow. It just wasn't going to happen though. Shouldn't have, the way things were going, as being able to charm someone doesn't normally mean you can get them do what you want.

Thankfully, I'm not normal, as breaking a batch of mundane high school students isn't cool, even if they are being jerks. I turned up the charm past the point were it's ever supposed to go, and got the leader interested in me. Make that, madly, passionately in love with me. He got the others to go home, and got Shannon to let him stay and 'look around for Jes' provided he stuck with me. Jeff - that's the guy's name - wasn't really convincing actor, but with him obviously more interested in hanging out with me than bothering the crew, Shannon was willing let him stay.

And I bet she was happy when we went upstairs 'to look for Jes.' I wan'ted to find out why he was so hung up on looking for Jes, and he was happy to sit in a bedroom with me and have my undivided attention as he told me.

What Jeff told me sure wasn't what I expected. He was looking for Jes in hopes of impressing his elders, who apparently wanted to eat Jes, or at least his heart.

Like I wrote earlier, Jeff seemed like a mundane high school student, so I couldn't figure out why his elders would want to do such a thing, and why he'd help. Well he pretty much said that he wanted to be one of the group, but now, he wanted to be like me. And his elders were werewolves, and they thought that eating Jes's heart would make them more powerful. And he and his buddies were werewolves too. Not anywhere as powerful as their elders, but way more powerful than mundanes.

And Jeff was eager to show me how he could change. And did.

I have to admit, Jeff's man-wolf form was darn interesting. And if you know me, you can guess where things went from there.

We made it down a bit before they wrapped up things, and he apologized to Shannon - and everyone else too. He promised that he and his friends wouldn't bother them again.

And he gave me a ride home. We talked some more, and the jist of the conversation boiled down to that I'd made him look at things differently, and that he wanted to be like me and protect people with his power, rather than prey on them.

The rest of the evening is private, as I've promised not to tell.

Kyle's view on the 10/1/2010 session - Part 1

They left me behind. Well not at first, when we all piled in the van to go off to look for the fellow Ghoul had to deliver the relic to, but later, after we'd gotten to the house.

The place Ghoul had the address to was like a Victorian Mansion, one of the ones that's a stereotype for haunted houses in Halloween specials. Even had a little cemetery in the yard, off to the side of the house, and the girl who opened the door was missing part of an arm, and had a bloody bandage on the end.

Turns out the blood wasn't real, and she was part of the crew there making a movie. The guy we were looking for was supposed to be directing, but he'd gone off with some people from Cascade Communications.

There were a whole batch of people there - I figure they were probably mostly high school students, though some I'd guess college. Some of them were dressed up to be in the horror movie they were shooting, and some were like technical people.

I ran into Mindy - Melinda Morris - who's a petite freckle-faced redhead about Mickey's height. Bustier than Mickey, though I'd never mention that to Mickey.

Mindy is a big fan of mine, and I swear would do just about anything for me. So when she offered to show me around, I felt couldn't turn her down. Not that I wanted to. Mindy's cute and fun in the sack. Not surprisingly, that's where we ended up, part way through the tour.

By the time we'd worked our way downstairs, my buddies had left.

Kyle's notes on meeting his father

Gavin arranged for me to meet my Dad. He did look like the picture my Mom has and even the outfit was pretty much the same. I guess the biker look is classic, and time doesn't do too much to change it. I suppose the practical comes in too, sorta like a pitchfork is going to have tines.

We hit it right off. I admit I was a bit nervous, this being the first time meeting him. But if anything, he's better at putting people at ease than I am, which is saying something.

We had breakfast together at this pancake place. Not going to say where, as Dad likes the place plus they fed us all we could eat. Which is really saying something.

Dad gave me a Harley when we got outside the restaurant. I've ridden a few times before and as we weren't in a hurry, it was pretty fun trying out the bike.

Absolutely not going to say where we went, as I don't want to get some future fan killed if Dad uses the same place again to teach somebody else. Teaching didn't happen at once though. He gave me some gifts, explained how to use them, and I tried out summoning my warriors.

I gotta show Micky sometime. She'll think it's so cool. Heck, I did. Jet of flame, warriors parading of the portal of fire... Pretty awesome. I could actually see the flames dancing on their bodies for a few heartbeats after they stepped out. And they looked pretty good themselves. Fiery wings, nice bodies and good looks. The knotwork animal designs panted on them were pretty cool too. And on the practical side, they were armed, with swords and metal shields. Guess not much else would survive when you come out of a fiery portal.

Dad introduced me to them and we went through the formalities of having them swear to me. There's ten of them. Two of them are women, which is something special, as traditionally, women warriors are rare.

With the cadre watching, Dad taught me the Riastrad. Thank Dad for tradition, or I'd have been out another set of clothes. It's interesting. You don't forget who you are, or later, what you've done when you monster out, but you really aren't your normal self when you do it. Jokes aside, there really is more to me than my base instincts normally. But in the Riastrad, there isn't much more than that. It is fun, though apparently potentially hard on bystanders, as you're really not thinking about who's friend or foe. Honestly, you're not thinking much at all. Apparently that's why food or sex will work to bring anyone who learns it out of it, not just Dad's kids.

So I've got an amazing power, and a way to get me out of it, at least if I get to summon my warriors ahead of time. Can't say they mind the sex part. Okay, a few of the guys came out of it a bit worse for wear before it sunk into my crazed brain what they were offering, but I apologized later and they said it wasn't a problem. Good group.

We all ended up going out to dinner with my Dad. Different place than breakfast. Gavin handled the logistics, including getting my warrior friends something to wear. Oh, and their wings are like mine, so they're just gone when they're not in use. Good thing, as the wings are like solid fire. Not sure how that works, or what happens if you touch them and you're not immune to fire, but can always find out later. Somewhere there's not stuff that might catch on fire.

By the time we were done eating and drinking, it was quite late. The warriors went back though their fiery portal, and Dad and I went our separate ways on our bikes. But not before Dad gave me a hug. I think I love my Dad.

Kyle on campus

Kyle walks by the surprisingly full for summer athletic facilitiy parking lot as he studies the athletic building. The sign for the building is gone, noticeable as a the spot's color is a bit off from the rest of the building.